3. Peace is always beautiful.

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Ebb and Flow 

Instructions: Press play and read.

Now I lay me down to sleep, 
I pray the “Lord” hear this piercing cry.
Here I am, lying bare before the world,
my heart hanging to dry.
What I fight to believe,
what I think I know,
has proven inconsistent,
to only come and go.
What I am today will not be the same tomorrow.
If you are lost yourself,
here are some ideas to borrow:
Give love.
Be love.
Free love.
Do not long from below,
or judge from above.
Equal I stand,
as I splatter my flaws on the wall.
It’s your right to walk proudly,
though I will choose to crawl.
No more for their favor,
but to be close to home.
I am sending my love to the whispering dome.
You have the right to build,
but I have the right to search your heart.
My trust is not given when greed or glory is why you start.
truth and honesty,
these are qualities I admire.
Believing in something for the common good with passion and fire.
Only moments I’ve lived honorably.
Other times, confused desires broke free.
No longer attached to my thoughts,
I am trying to just be.
I’ve spent time with words like “purpose” and “justice.”
I’ve tried to be like an Opal,
mesmerizing and lustrous.
But fighting to be something is making me tired.
Only when I’m witnessing compassion, beauty and kindness is when I am inspired.
I will walk the plank to feel you, Peace.
I will cry tears of anger for a quiet release.
I am moved by your shadows,
and delight in your light.
You’re the quiet murmur I hear when the snakes have taken their bite.
“All is well,” you say.
“It is all okay.
Come and sit by the water,
and let these feelings digest.
Soon we can lay in that warm, sunny field,
and let our eyes rest.
The key to opening up is letting everything go,
Now, come and sit by the water,
and let’s watch the ebb and flow.



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